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The 4 Steps for achieving a great looking attractive design:

Our Design, Print and Production Team are responsible to help you design and produce a high quality representation of your Artwork requirements. From the creation of posters, newsletters, stationary, Logo, T-Shirts to websites, our team will help you achieve the visual identity you require.

1. Complete the Production Request Form

Please fill out your requirements on the right and our team will contact you to get the design process started.

2. We contact you to discuss your vision and requirement

Our Design, Print and Production Team will contact you and get a design brief completed. This will take into consideration, print media, colours, fonts, dimensions and corporate branding.

3. Review the design proofs

The Print & Production Department will provide you with up to three design proofs, free of charge.

• Review the first proof.

This is the best stage for large scale changes and making necessary revisions to the design, artwork, layout, and text.

• Review the second proof.

This is the best stage to complete all elements of the design, including artwork and layout. All the texts should be approved at this stage.

• Review the third and final proof.

This is your opportunity to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. This is the last time to make sure everything is perfect. Please note: we do not provide a proof reading service, it is your responsibility to ensure all punctuation and grammer is correct.

• Additional Proofs.

90% of our customers will sign off after the third draft, however if you require further design work our Freelance designers typically charge between £30-£55/hour.)

4. Review the printer’s proof

If your project is being printed , this is your opportunity to see exactly how your design will look once it’s been printed, and your absolute last chance to change anything.

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Please provide as much details as possible with regards to your design requirements.
The more information you provide with regards to your concept and vision the easier it will be for the design team to create the perfect design.

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    We require that you supply us your artwork in High Resolution Format. For more information with regards to Artwork preparation

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    Our creative team can design the artwork required to match your Company Logo or brand. There is a small additional charge for design.

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    If you are unsure what type of print Job will be suitable for your needs, our friendly creative team are happy to guide you through the choices.

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