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Including colours, thicknesses and opacities- making it a brilliant and versatile product for use in the sign industry. Providing an alternative option to traditional neon signs, they can be lit from all sides.

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Providing the same range of options as traditional neon, acrylic LED signs are just as effective and easy to create. The many benefits that acrylic provides means it is a popular option for business signage. In this section, you’ll find out everything you need to know about acrylic neon signs and their benefits. This page will answer the following:

Traditional neon signs are designed from soft lead glass, pure-iron electrodes. In order to create a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative, acrylic LED signs are designed from a thermoplastic acrylic known as Altaglus or Perspex. Clear acrylic is now widely used in the manufacture of faux neon, usually in its opal format. Opal acrylic is used so often as it allows light to diffract through the material, achieving a more even illumination when using LEDS. Faux neon also uses low voltage LEDs to recreate the appearance of neon lighting.


Often used as a substitute to glass, acrylic is optically clear and provides a “glass effect”. Acrylic neon signs also offer highly effective light diffraction, allowing your business to make a bold statement and gain attention. The range of light transmission through the opal sheet receives maximum haze and subsequently offers the maximum light diffraction. This in turn, creates the desired lighting.


It is not only the physical appearance of acrylic neon signs that make them a great choice for your business signage. There are many factors which make acrylic neon signs a safer, more efficient option than traditional glass neon signs. Acrylic is lighter and stronger than glass and if broken, will not shatter into small pieces as glass does. As they are designed with acrylic neon tubing, they are also more robust. Acrylic LED signs are also a safe-to-touch alternative to fragile traditional neon lighting. There is little worry that the sign will break in transit when packed correctly. When dealing with glass on the other hand, breakage is always a worry.


Acrylic neon signs are also significantly less expensive to run. The signs provide 80% reduced running costs in comparison to traditional neon. With the addition of thermally managed LEDS, the faux neon system runs cool to the touch. This makes the signage ideal for low level installation.

An acrylic LED product that is particularly cost-effective in providing light is the NP Tube. These tubes can make a huge impact individually, as well as in a group. You can also achieve animated effects over numerous tubes a collective, or a single tube. This product provides an effective and low-cost way to fill your window and provide light.

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